Daves Old Computers - S100 Cards

This page contains a listing of many of the S-100 card that I currently have in my collection.

Click the card name for a high resolution view of the card. If the description contains a file size/type in brackets, then the manual or other documentation for the card may be downloaded by clicking the size/type.

The number to the left of the description indicates the number of actual cards in my collection, a value of 0 means that I do not have the physical card, but for some reason do have the manual.


AC1100 2 Z80 CPU with ROM AMD1000 3 64K DRAM ACMIO 2 Serial/Parallel I/O AFC1101 2 Floppy Disk Controller 10652-301 2 Nabu Cable PC Dev. board


MPU-8011 1 Z80 CPU, populated for I/O only MPU-8012 6 Z80 CPU/ROM/RAM/IO RAM-8054 8 256K DRAM VDB-8022 3 I/O DCB-8031 2 Floppy Disk Controller VDB-8021 1 Z80/Video


4FDC 1 Floppy disk controller (2.7M PDF) 16FDC 3 Floppy disk controller (3.9M PDF) 16KZ 4 16K RAM (2.5M PDF) 16KZ-RevD 1 16K RAM 256KZ 2 256K RAM (730k PDF) 8K Bytesaver 1 Eprom/Programmer (1.6M PDF) TU-ART 5 Serial I/O Digital Interface (2.5M PDF) PRI 1 Parallel/Printer I/O (440k PDF) STDC 0 Hard disk interface (2M PDF) WDI-II 1 Hard disk interface (2.3M PDF) ZPU 4 Z80 CPU (300k PDF) SCC 1 Z80 Single-Board Computer (6M PDF) [ROM images)


CPU 8085/88 1 8085/8088 Dual 8/16 bit CPU (2.2M PDF) CPU 186B 1 8086/8087 CPU (2.4M PDF) Disk 1A 1 Floppy disk controller (3.2M PDF) Disk 2 1 Hard disk interface (1.3M PDF) System Support 1 1 Rom/Serial/Clock/Timer/Math (7.7M PDF) Interfacer 4 2 Serial/Parallel I/O (6M PDF) 172C 1 I/O Selector Channel (1.3M PDF) Ram16 1 64k ( 32k x 16bit) RAM (425k PDF) Ram17 0 64k ( 64k x 8bit) RAM (1.1M PDF) Ram22 2 256k (128k x 16bit) RAM (890k PDF) EconoRam-II 1 8K Static RAM (150k PDF) EconoRam-IV 1 8K Static RAM (475k PDF) 106B/C 1 Active Terminator (155k PDF) 106E 1 Active Terminator


80-103A 1 300 BPS Modem (1.7M PDF) MicroModem 100 1 300 BPS Modem (300k PDF)

IMS Associates Inc. (IMSAI)

MPU-A 1 8080 CPU (rev-4) (600k PDF) PIO 2 Parallel I/O (2.5M PDF) PROG8 1 2708 EPROM programmer PROM-4 0 4K EPROM (750k PDF) PIC-8 1 Priority Interrupt Controller

Industrial Micro Systems

A821 2 WD controller A930 2 Floppy Disk Controller A971 1 I/O Board A1021 1 64K Memory A1100 2 Winchester Controller A1270 1 Z-80B Master/Slave Bd. C00282 1 Industrial Micro Systems (IMS) 16K static RAM C00451 2 Z-80 CPU C00480 1 4-Line Communication Controller WD-ADAPTERS m Various hard drive adapters

Ithaca Audio

IA-1010 1 Z80 CPU (1.2M PDF) IA-1100 1 Video (1M PDF)


8800 CPU Rev-0 1 Altair 8800 CPU (8080 CPU) See ALTAIR pages 8800 CPU Rev-0 3 Altair 8800 CPU (8080A CPU) for more information. 8800B CPU Rev-0 1 Altair 8800B CPU 88-4KS 1 4K Static RAM (1.3M PDF) 88-4KD 1 4K Dynamic RAM (1.2M PDF) Sync4K 1 4K Synchronous RAM 88-SIO 1 Serial I/O (1.2M PDF) 88-2 SIO 1 Serial I/O 88-SIO-B 1 Serial I/O (covered in 88-ACR below) 88-ACR 1 Audio Cassette Interface (2.3M PDF)

North Star

MDC-A1 1 Single Density FDC (1.1M PDF) MDC-A2 1 Single Density FDC MDC-A4 1 Single Density FDC MDS-AD 2 Double Density FDC (2.2M PDF) MDS-AD3 1 Double Density FDC ZPB-A2 1 Z80 CPU (400k PDF)

Processor Technology

VDM-1 2 Video Display Module (6M PDF) 3P+S 2 3 Parallel + 1 Serial I/O (5.5M PDF) CUTS 5 Computer Users Tape System (2.3M PDF) GPM 3 Rom/Ram (1.8M PDF) 2KRO 1 2K EPROM (1702) 4KRA 1 4K Static RAM (650k PDF) 8KRA 1 8K Static RAM 16KRA 1 16K Dynamic RAM (4.2M PDF)

S.D. Sales/Systems

Z8800 3 Z80 CPU (2.7M PDF) EXPANDORAM 0 64K DRAM (2.5M PDF) SDS-4k 0 4K SRAM (1M PDF)

Solid State Music

CB1 2 8080 CPU (1M PDF) CB2 3 Z80 CPU (2.2M PDF) IO-2 2 PROM/Universal I/O (1M PDF) IO-4 1 Serial/Parallel I/O (1.1M PDF) PB1 1 EEPROM Programmer (1.6M PDF) VB1B 2 Video Display (1.4M PDF) VB1C 1 Video Display (1.3M PDF)

Vector Graphic

CPU Rev.2 2 8080 CPU (900k PDF) PROM/RAM 1 2K ROM (1702) 1K RAM (2102) 12K PROM/RAM 1 12K PROM/RAM 8K STATIC RAM 1 8K Static RAM


CPU-2 2 Z80 CPU (570k PDF) MEM-3 2 32K SRAM (210k PDF) MEM-1A 0 8K SRAM (1M PDF)


5MS100/5MSDC 4 Hard disk interface? CT-102 1 Compu/Time Real Time Clock (700k PDF) SOUND 1 D.R.C. Sound Effects (730k PDF) MFIO/A 1 Electralogics Multi-Serial ESATERM 1 Electronic Systems Active Terminator (60k JPG) CPU-VIDEO 1 EMS Z80 CPU-VIDEO Extender 3 Extender boards JADE-1P2S 1 Jade Parallel/Serial I/O (385k PDF) MFLX-Z80A 1 Multiflex Z80 CPU with ROM/RAM & IO MFLX-Z80B 1 Multiflex Z80 CPU with ROM & RAM FCPB-100 2 Multiflex Floppy Disk Controller PCG 1 Objective Designs - Prog Char Gen (1.4M PDF) MM-103-9 1 PMMI Communications - Modem EPROM-4K 1 Seals Electronics - 4K 1702 EROM card (710k PDF) Sigma-100 1 Sigma Computers - Multi I/O VDB-A2 2 Simpliway TTY on a card (1.8M PDF) UFDC-1 1 Suntronics Floppy Disk Controller PROTO 2 S-100 proto board (830k PDB) Model 1001 1 Tarbell Cassette Interface (2.4M PDF) WYN-MCPU 2 Wynchester 8080/Serial/Parallel/FDC VIDEO-BD 1 ?unknown? Z80 CPU/Video Board MODEM 1 ?unknown? Modem

Misc. RAM

2s-64K 1 2S-Systems 64K RAM Base2-8K 1 Base2 Inc. 8K SRAM CCS-2065 1 California Computer Systems 64K RAM (1.3M PDF) CDC-64K 1 Central Data Corp. 64K RAM (700k PDF) DRC16K 1 D.R.C. 16K SRAM (230k PDF) DYN16k 1 Dynabyte 16K Dynamic RAM module EPROM-II 2 D.R.C./Tanner 32K SRAM/EPROM (230k PDF) 8KM-REV1 1 Electronic Control Technology - 8K RAM JTM-16k 1 JTM 16K RAM KM4K 1 Kent-Moore 4K SRAM KM8K 2 Kent-Moore 8K SRAM RAM16 1 Problem Solver Systems Inc. - 16k RAM SuperRam 1 Morrow/ThinkerToys 16k SRAM (770k PDF) 24K-Memory Master 1 Morrow/ThinkerToys 24K Superam Memory Master JAWS-6464 1 Newtronice 64K DRAM (350k PDF) SCD-32k 1 S C Digital 32k SRAM LastMem 1 Static Memory Systems - The Last Memory (1.8M PDF) Z16 1 TDL 16k RAM (2.2M PDF) TELETEK 1 TELETEK 64K Dynamic RAM 64K-DRAM 1 ?unknown? 64K DRAM


8250 1 Serial I/O card with 8250 uarts TRS80 3 TRS-80 main logic TRS80-D 4 TRS-80 Disk Controller

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