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SouthWest Technical Products Corporation (SWTPC) was an early microcomputer manufacturer. Unlike most companies of the era, they did not go with the Intel/Zilog 8080/Z80 architecture and S-100 bus. SWTPC chose to use motorola processors (6800, 6809 etc.) and designed their own SS-50 bus.

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The SWTPC 6800 is based on the Motorola 6800. This particular machine has an upgrade card which adds a 6809 processor and allows operation of TSC's FLEX operating system. Donated by Peter Krug.

Rear view of SWTPC 6800 computer and floppy drive unit - a true hobbiests machine, this one has had many additions and modifications.

Inside the SWTPC 6800: At the time of this photo, the 6809 CPU card was installed, which is visible closest to the front of the machine. Behind that is a RAM card. Along the back are interface cards, which include several serial ports, a parallel port, and the diskette controller.

Hardware Manuals

MP-B Motherboard (2.7M PDF)
MP-P Power Supply (385k PDF)
MP-A Microprocessor/System Board (1.1M PDF)
MP-09 6809 Processor Board (5M PDF)
MP-M Memory Board (2M PDF)
MP-16/16A Memory Board (260k PDF)
RAM68 8K Ram Board (525k PDF)
MP-L/LA Parallel Interface (970k PDF)
MP-C/MP-S Serial Interfaces (1.6M PDF)
MP-T Interrupt Timer Board (775k PDF)
MP-N Calculator Interface Kit (1.3M PDF)
MP-R EPROM Programmer Board (750k PDF)
AC-30 Audio Cassette Interface (1.9M PDF)
MF-68 Disk System (2.6M PDF)

6809 Flex Manuals

6809 Flex Operating System (2.7M PDF)
Flex Programmers Manual (2.5M PDF)
6809 Flex Diagnostics (3.8M PDF)
6809 Text Editor (1.5M PDF)
6809 Text Processing System (1.8M PDF)
6809 Mnemonic Assembler (2.9M PDF)
Flex Pascal (1.1M PDF)
6809 Debug Package (2.2M PDF)
SBUG 6809 Rom Monitor (350k PDF)

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