Daves Old Computers - ALTAIR 8800 - Documentation

Original MITS Altair documentation

Altair 8800 Operators Manual (5.6M PDF)
Altair 8800 Assembly/Construction manual (7.2M PDF)
Altair 8800 Theory of Operation Manual (400k PDF)
Schematics accompanying Theory Of Operation Manual (1M PDF)
Front panel schematic (200k PDF)
CPU Voltage Regulator schematic drawing (60k PDF)
Power Supply schematic drawing (80k PDF)
Mits Kits Assembly Hints (3.5M PDF)

S-100 Cards

Original MITS Cards

Serial Card (1.2M PDF)
Slightly different version of Serial Card (770k PDF)
4K Static Ram Board (1.2M PDF)
4K Dynamic Ram Board (1.2M PDF)
88-4 Parallel I/O Bpard (1.8M PDF)
88-ACR Audio Cassette Interface (2.3M PDF)
88-VI Vector Inerrupt Real Time Clock (1.9M PDF)

Cards currently installed in my Altair

NorthStar Micro Disk System (1.1M PDF)
NorthStar Micro Disk System errata (200k PDF)
Central Data 64K dynamic RAM card (720k PDF)
Compu/Time CT-102 Real Time Clock (710k PDF)
D.C. Hayes 80-103A 300bps modem (1.7M PDF)
"Mostly HomeBrew" I/O card (Solid State Music) (1M PDF)

Cards not currently installed

Cromemco ByteSaver EPROM programmer (1.6M PDF)
SMS "The Last Memory" 64K static RAM card. (1.9M PDF)
8K RAM card (1M PDF)
4K RAM card (1M PDF)
Processor Technology VDM-1 Video Interface (6M PDF)
Very eary data storage interface (370k PDF)

Adm3A Terminal

ADM-3A Operators Manual (1.2M PDF)
ADM-3A Maintenance Manual (6M PDF)

Reference documents relating to my Altair

Data sheet for Intel 8080 CPU (600k PDF)
Quick guide to 8080 instruction set (5k TXT)
Intel 8080 Assembly Language Programming Manual (7.5M PDF)
Intel MCS-80/85 Family Users Manual -Ch 5- "Instruction Set" (5M PDF)
Data sheet for UART used in MITS serial board (800k PDF)
Data sheet for UART used in Homebrew serial card (500k PDF)
Data sheet for PIO chip used on one of the proto cards. (500k PDF)
Shugart SA400 minifloppy drive documentation (3.2M PDF)
NorthStar DOS listing (commented disassembly) (70k LST)
NorthStar boot ROM listing (comment disassembly) (7.5k LST)
8080 CPU Checkout program source code (15k ASM)
Ready to run version of 8080 CPU Checkout (3.5k HEX)

Software Documentation

Original MITS Software

Altair BASIC (5.2M PDF)
Altair Extended BASIC (1.7M PDF)
Altair DOS (4.7M PDF)

My own Software

DMF operating system (43k TXT)
Micro BASIC interpreter (included in DMF) (30k TXT)
Assembly Language Programming System (37k TXT)

Third Party Software

NorthStar System Software Manual (8M PDF)
NorthStar BASIC (650k PDF)
NorthStar Monitor (1M PDF)
NorthStar errata sheets (650k PDF)
NorthStar BASIC information (1.5M PDF)
NorthStar DOS information (1.3M PDF)
NorthStar DOS/BASIC - Quick reference (12k TXT)
Chess Master (150k PDF)
Xek Editor/Assembler/Disassembler (550k PDF)
Valdez Supertanker simulation (850k PDF)
MicroStuf RCONS/CBBS (350k PDF)
A published memory test program for Altair 8800 (130k PDF)

Publications relating to the Altair

January 1975 Popular Electronics Introduces the Altair Cover (400k PDF)
Table of Contents (2M PDF)
Artical page 1 (2.6M PDF)
Artical page 2 (2.5M PDF)
Artical page 3 (2.2M PDF)
Artical page 4 (2.2M PDF)
Artical page 5 (2.5M PDF)
Artical page 6 (2.5M PDF)
Artical page 7 (2.3M PDF)
Artical page 8 (2.2M PDF)
Artical page 9 (2.1M PDF)
Artical page 10 (800k PDF)
January 1985 Popular Electronics Altair 10th Aniversary Includes interview with Ed Roberts. (6M PDF)
Computer Notes articals relating to the Altair January 1977 (3.6M PDF)
March 1977 (3.8M PDF)
April 1977 (2.2M PDF)
May 1977 (4.7M PDF)
July 1977 (3.0M PDF)
September 1977 (4.5M PDF)

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