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Here are a few printers that I have collected. Most of these came with computers that I acquired, a few I acquired separately.Click any photo to view a large high-resolution image.

This Heathkit H14 dot-matrix printer was the first ASCII printer I ever owned (before that was a Baudot teletype). I used this printer on my Altair for many years, and it can be seen in some of my older system photos. Here is a look inside.

This is a TRS-80 DMP-120, dot-matrix line printer from the early 80's. This printer can be seen in the Radio Shack advertisement from 1983 Byte magazine which is shown on my Model 100 page.

1984 Catalog page.

The TRS-80 CGP-115 is actually a little 4-pen color plotter. The glass tubes visible in front of the unit contains the ink pens (Two tubes of Red, Green, Blue and one tube of Black).

1984 Catalog page.

The TRS-80 Line-Printer III is probably the largest of the TRS-80 printers. A tough and fast draft quality printer.

1983 Catalog page.

This TRS-80 Line Printer VIII is a late 80's low-end printer most commonly used with the color computers.

For serious letter-quality output, the TRS-80 Daisy Wheel II was the top of the line contender from Tandy.

1983 Catalog page.

This NEC PC 8023A-C was acquired along with the Franklin Ace 100. It appears to be compatible with the Apple Imagewriter, and even takes the same ribbon cartridges as can be seen from the box on the right (The PC 8023A is listed in the compatibility list).

This Commodore MPS-801 came with one my Commodore 64 systems. It obviously intended for only Commodore equipment, as it uses their proprietary serial expansion bus and connectors.

This TI-99/4 printer is part of the Texas Instruments TI-99/4A computer system.

This Atari SMM-804 came with one my Atari 520STs.

This is the Coleco Adam printer which is a required component because it powers the entire computer system.

This Roland PR-1011 was acquired with one of the Atari 520STs. It is a fairly generic dot matrix printer from the late 80's/early 90's.

This is a Star SG-10. It was acquired with the Atari 130XE. It is a fairly generic dot matrix printer from the late 80's/early 90's.

This HP Deskwriter is a Macintosh version of a popular PC printer. It was acquired with one of the Macintosh IIfx's.

Here is a pair of Apple Stylewriter printers. These were a popular low end printer for 68k macs.

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