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The Coleco toy company has produced several video game systems.

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Coleco's flagship gaming system, the Colecovision controllers have both a directional stick and a keypad. Coleco offered many expansions for this system, including Expansion Module #3 which connects to the expansion port on the front of the unit, and turns the system into a Coleco Adam home computer.

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The Gemini is a clone of the Atari 2600, it has the same switches, a different control which combines the separate stick and paddles of the Atari, and plays Atari cartridges. Atari took Coleco to court over the Gemini, but since the system contains no software (it's all in the Cartridges) or proprietary components, and Atari held no patents on the design, it was ruled that the Gemini was legal. The cartidge shown is "Venture", which appears in the upper left corner of my Ataru 2600 Cartridge display.

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