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The successor to the wildly successful Commodore 64, the Commodore 128 was both capable of running almost all Commodore 64 software, AND able to run CP/M software. This was accomplished by outfitting the machine with two CPU's, a 6502 compatible 6510, and a Z80.

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Complete Commodore 128 system. Left to right:
C128 power supply (Much larger/heavier than the C64 power supply), Commodore 128 main unit, two 1571 double sided diskette drives.

Closeup of main unit/keyboard.
I've listed this machine as "Fair" condition, due to the fact the it has suffered severe yellowing. It was used in a school, where it sat in direct sunlight for most of it's life. In all other respects, the machine is in excellent condition and works perfectly.

C64 back panel. Left to right: Expansion port, Cassette port, Serial peripheral port, Audio/Video output, RF channel selector, RF output, RGB port, "User" port.

Right side view. Left to right:
Game (joystick) ports, Reset button, Power switch, Power socket.

Information label on bottom of C64 main unit.

Later the same year (1985), Commodore released the Commodore 128D. Styled more like the IBM-PC this machine features a keyboard separate from the main unit which contains an internal 1571 disk drive. Additional video RAM gives this machine higher graphic capability than the orignal C128. Donated by Bill Mckinnon.
Views: Back, Right side connectors.

Commodore 128 System Guide (185k ZIP'd text)
Commodore simulator
6502 CPU Data Sheet (2M PDF)
Z80 CPU Technical Manual (5M PDF)
More reference material is located under Commodore 64.

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