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The Commodore 64 is one of the most popular pre-PC computers of all time. With 64K of memory (a lot for the time), and a well known BASIC grown from the PET software, the machine was an instant success.

The C64 was the obvious upgrade path from a VIC-20, because it used the same serial peripheral bus and could work with the VIC-20 disk drive and printers.

C64s were donated by Rob Krten, "der Mouse", Paul Arscott and Mike Hoye. The SX-64 was donated by Ted Evers.

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Complete Commodore 64 system. Clockwise from the top:
C64 power supply, Commodore 1701 monitor, Commodore 1541 diskette drive, Commodore 1571 diskette drive, Commodore 64 main unit, pair of C64 joysticks.

Closeup of main unit/keyboard.

C64 back panel. Left to right: Cartridge slot, RF channel selector, RF video out, Audio/video out, Serial peripheral port, Cassette interface port, User (expansion) port.

Right side view. Left to right:
Game (joystick) ports, Power switch, Power socket.

Information label on bottom of C64 main unit.

In 1983 Commodore released the "Executive" SX-64. A luggable portable version of the Commodore 64. Not terribly successful due to it's high price, the SX-64 is notable as the first portable computer with a color screen.Views: Front, Back, Closed.

With the release of the Commodore 128 in 1985, the C64 was redesigned to have a similar look. This Commodore 64C is essentually the same electronics as the standard Commodore 64 but repackaged in a more modern looking enclosure.

Top: 1541 diskette drive (single sided - 180k)
Bottom: 1571 diskette drive (double sided - 360k)

Rear view of diskette drives. Note the dual connectors allowing daisy chaining on the serial peripheral bus.

Original Commodore documentaion for the C64.

Some cartridges and original Commodore diskettes.

An original Commodore 64 box. Here is a view of the back.

Commodore 64 users manual (100k ZIP'd TXT)
Commodore 64 microcomputer users manual (120k ZIP'd TXT)
Commodore 64 programmers guide (250k ZIP'd TXT)
Commodore 64 memory map (200k ZIP'd TXT)
Commodore 64 ROM disassembly (64k ZIP'd TXT)
Commodore 64 diagnostic notes (8k ZIP'd TXT)
Commodore 64 service manual (18k ZIP'd TXT)
Commodore 64 - Byte Jul83 (1.2M PDF)
Commodore 154x disk drive service manual (16M PDF)
Commodore 1702 monitor guide (8k ZIP'd TXT)
Commodore cassette manual (8k ZIP'd TXT)
Commodore simulator
6502 CPU Data Sheet (2M PDF)

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