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A relatively recent comer to home video game systems, Sony has developed a reputation for high quality, high functionality and great games which has positioned them as a market leader.

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Sony's first gaming system, the Playstation uses CDs as the game storage. Good performance, high quality games and a solid company name behind it made this unit a success and launched Sony as a serious contender in the home video game market.

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Playstation 1 (PS1)

The PS1 is an evolution of the Playstation - functionally identical to the Playstation, the Playstation 1 is much smaller, but uses an external power adapter. This system also shipped with the analog joystick controller.

Playstation 2 (PS2)

With dazzeling graphics, high performance and sleek good looks, the PS2 would be a winner in any circle, however Sony wisely gave it two more features that locked it in as the clear winner in this generation of gaming systems.

DVD player - At a time when home DVD players were still pricy, the PS2 included a "free" DVD player. You can even get a infrared "DVD remote".

Backward compatibility - Almost unheard of in the video game industry, the PS2 could play Playstation/PS1 games! Even the controller was backward compatible, with the same size, shape and button layout. This gave the PS2 two very important advantages:

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In 2004 Sony updated the PS2 with the "slim" version. Much smaller, top-loading CD instead of a motorized tray, external power supply (internal on the original PS2) and with a built in network port (optional on the original PS2), this version of the PS2 is still being sold (2007).

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PS1/PS2 controllers:

Lower-left: Original Playstation controller
Lower-Right: Updated with analog feedback and "rumble" feature
Upper-Left: Relabled PSone for the updated/slim PS1 system
Upper-Right: Updated with pressure senstivei buttons for the PS2

There are also many third party controllers and extensions such as this light-gun.

Playstation 3 (PS3)

The PS3 brings a new meaning to the word "video game" - Video output is in high definition, and many PS3 games are almost photo-realistic. It's also the highest priced of all current generation consoles, which has contributed to it having a slow start in the markedplace.

Like the PS2, the PS3 provides an attractive "extra" - a built in high-definition blu-ray player. Left to right (large photo): 20G and 60G launch versions - these provide full backward compatibility by including the core hardware components of the PS2 in the box - the "emotion engine" CPU, and PS2 graphics chip. Next is the early 80G model which retains the PS2 graphics chip, but uses software emulation of the processor. Rightmost is the 40G (which is the same chassis as current 80G and 160G) models which has no PS2 backward compatibility at all,

Sony has claimed high losses in the production of early "feature rich" PS3 models and have trimmed later models to a simpler configuration. Accessories.

North-American PS3 Models:

HD/model USB  WiFi  PS2  CardRDR SACD Year   Status
  20G     4    No   H/W     No   Yes  2006  Discontinued
  60G     4   Yes   H/W     Yes  Yes  2006  Discontinued
  80G     4   Yes   S/W     Yes  Yes  2007  Discontinued
  40G     2   Yes   No      No    No  2007  Discontinued
  80G     2   Yes   No      No    No  2008  In-production
 160G     2   Yes   No      No    No  2008  In-production

Playstation Portable (PSP)

The Playstation Portable is a powerful hand-held multimedia and gaming center. It features a *BIG* wide screen, and WiFi connectivity. Built-in applications include gaming (of course), photo viewer, movie viewer, ATTRAC/MP3 player and more. Unlike other portable systems, it uses a high capacity optical disk called UMD (Universal Media Disk) making not just games, but full length movies available.

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