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Milton Bradley

One of the most unusual of the early home video systems, the Vectrex uses an integrated vector display, which allows it to accurately reproduce many of the commercial arcade games of the era (many arcade machines used vector graphics). Although it is a monochrome screen, the games came with screen overlays which gave the impression of color (A technique also used by some commercial arcade machines of the time).

Developed by Western Technologies/Smith engineering, it was first sold by GCE (General Comsumer Electric) in mid 1982 and was acquired by Milton Bradley in spring 1983 - Although it was a solid and well regarded system, it never really caught on - the last Vectrex sold in late 1984. Donated by Markus Wandel

Views: Front, Back, Left, Right (cartridge slot), Manual (540k PDF), Schematic (2M ZIP).


Although the '16' in the name suggests a 16-bit processor, this system has only an 8-bit CPU. It does however have a 16-bit graphics processor. The first to offer an optional CD, this was a popular system.

Views: Separate components, Bottoms, Back.

Commodore Amiga CD32

This Commodore Amiga CD32 is essentially a complete Amiga computer in a video game console. Click the photo to visit the CD32 entry on my Amiga page.

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