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"Those to can, do - those who can't, simulate"

Here are a number of simulators that I have found. I have tried to locate simulators for all of my machines which are simple and straightforward to use. I have not yet found simulators for some of the machines, and there are a few some here for which I don't have a corresponding physical computer. In a few cases, I have written my own simulation because I know no other simulator will be suitable.

S-100 / CP/M

My own Altair (531k ZIP)
32 bit windows Altair (6.8M ZIP)
Claus Giloi's original Altair(13k ZIP)
Altair with Z80 support (100k ZIP)
Source code to ALTAIRZ80 (150k ZIP)
My own NorthStar Horizon/Vector (205k ZIP)
TSR - Adds CP/M 2.2 to DOS command shell (50k ZIP)
CP/M disk/file transfer utilities (200k ZIP)
Z80-CP/M - emulated CP/M (90k ZIP)
Z80-CP/M - boots CP/M (65k ZIP)


DOS Apple2 (305k ZIP)
Windows Apple2 -supports 80col card (300k ZIP)
Source code to APPLEWIN (165k ZIP)
Apple2 oasis -supports Z80 card (700k ZIP)


TRS-80 Model 1 (50k ZIP)
Source code to TRS80M1 (55k ZIP)
Another TRS80 Model1 60k ZIP)
TRS-80/Tandy CoCo 2 (130k ZIP)
TRS-80/Tandy CoCo 3 (240k ZIP)
Source code to COCO3 (260k ZIP)
Dragon/Color Computer (360k ZIP)
Model-100 simulator (games) (190k ZIP)
Model-100 simulator (full) (1.5M ZIP)

Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments 99/4 (375k ZIP)
Another TI 99/4 (410k ZIP)
Another TI 99/4 (2M ZIP)
TI SR-50 Scientific Calculator (250k ZIP)
TI Programmable 59 Calculator (375k ZIP)


Atari 8-bit -dos (260k ZIP)
Atari 8-bit -win (780k ZIP)
Atari ST (550k ZIP)
Another Atari ST (400k ZIP)


My own Dunfield 6809 (280k ZIP)
My own PIMPS 8085 homebuilt - requires my HORIZON simulator (8k ZIP)
My own MIL MOD8 (115k ZIP)
My own Heathkit H8 (140k ZIP)
Another Heathkit H8 (1.2M ZIP)
Heathkit ET3400 trainer (175k ZIP)
Jim Battle's SOL emulator (1.2M ZIP)
Popular Electronics COSMAC 'ELF' (83k ZIP)
Commodore PET/VIC/C64/C128/more (3.8M ZIP)
Timex/Sinclair ZX80/81 (250k ZIP)
Sinclair QL -dos (200k ZIP)
Sinclair QL -win (190k ZIP)
Coleco Adam (460k ZIP)
Acorn Atom (172k ZIP)
Interact Family Computer (250k ZIP)
DOS MultiSystem Emulator -many game consoles (6.2M ZIP)
Windows MultiSystem Emulator (5.8M ZIP)
PDP-11 (270k ZIP)
IBM 370 (300k ZIP)
VT-100 (terminal) (70k ZIP)

Support files (needed by some other packages)

SDL: Simple Direct Media Layer (100k ZIP)
CWSDPMI: Memory manager (13k ZIP)

Software usable under some of these simulators can be found in my Disk/Software Images section.
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