Daves Old Computers - Rarity Description

Many people looking at this site are not familiar with the machines depicted herein. One of the most common questions I am asked is "how rare are these?" - I have tried to provide a simple one-letter classification to answer this, however in these days of "@@LOOK@@ ***RARE***" Ebay descriptions, the meaning of the term "Rarity" may not be clear. In general, my descriptions mean:

Common - There are lots of these around. Quite likely someone in your neighborhood has one in their basement. You find them often at garage sales and flea markets.

Uncommon - Somewhat harder to find, but they still turn up. Chances are that there are at least a few in your town.

Rare - Quite difficult to find. You usually have to be really looking to come across one of these. Some are rare due to age and collectability, while others are rare because they are "unknowns" and few of them were made. This DOES NOT mean that these machines are "impossible" to find - I have not provided such a classification because it invites too much controversy.

One-Of-A-Kind - Unique homebuilt machines with no other exactly like them.

These descriptions are purely subjective, based on published descriptions, correspondance with other collectors, and mainly on my own experiences in locating the equipment and related information. If you disagree with a particular machine classifications, please contact me and let me know. If possible provide documentation supporting your viewpoint. I try to provide accurate descriptions based on the information that I have available, and I am happy to revise these classfications as appropriate.

In NO WAY should these classifications be assumed to indicate value (or lack thereof) - these are simply my own personal opinion as to how likely you are to find one of these machines.

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