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The N.E.C. Advanced Personal Computer is one of those machines which is hard to catagorize. It does run MS-DOS, which might qualify it as a "PC" however it also runs CP/M-86, and it uses 8" diskette drives, a media format practically unheard in IBM clone machines. For these reasons, I have decided to place it in a catagory by itself.

The NEC APC and N5200 were donated by Richard Parsons.

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The NEC APC. This is a large/heavy and very reliable business computer. It runs CP/M-86 and MS-DOS. It is one of the very few machines which runs MS-DOS from 8" floppy disks.

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Thjs is a NEC N5200 - it is essentially the same machine as the APC, except that it was marketed in Japan. It is also a color unit where the APC above is monochrome, however both the APC and N52000 were availble with either type of display.

Top: APC North-American keyboard.

Bottom: N5200 Japanese keyboard.

The APC does not have an internal hard drive, however NEC offered several external hard drive systems, such as this APC-426. Here is a view of the back.

April 1984 advertisement from BYTE. (150k JPG)
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