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If you are the owner of the property rights to material contained within this classic computer software archive, and have not granted permission for that material to be included in the archive - please accept my apology. I do not wish to include anything in the archive against the wishes of the owner.

If you will not consider allowing the materal to remain in the archive (see below), then please contact me with the details of the material you wish removed, and I will do so immediately. In most cases this will happen within 24 hours (unless I am out of town or otherwise delayed). If you provide an email address, I will send you an email confirming the removal of the material when it is done.

If you do request removal of material, and have a distribution channel by which that material can be obtained, please forward the details - With your permission, I will replace the archive data with your information, so that persons wanting to obtain the software can do so through your official channels.

If you are willing to discuss allowing the material to remain in the archive, then please consider the following:

This archive is a monument to the early years of computing, before the days of "off the shelf" systems, when innovation and distinctive designs were the norm... Please consider allowing your part to remain represented.

Another purpose of the archive is to allow surviving classic computers to continue to function - All too often I encounter a system with no install media or no software. Without these, the hardware cannot be seen in action, and a piece of our digital history is lost.

If you no longer offer the material by other means, this site provides a place where your customers can obtain replacement copies with no overhead to you. You are welcome to reference this in your own support material if you wish.

I do try and preserve original copyright notices and labels in the embedded comments of the various images formats - if the information is missing or incorrect for any of the material, I will be happy to correct it. Ultimately, you have final say in what (if any) material is presented.

I will include any additional information, notices or other material that you would like to accompany your material. This can be anything from "setting the record straight", to information about your current company offerings.

This site is completely non-profit/non-commercial. No fees are charged or collected in association with it. Even the web hosting is being provided as a free service by a fellow classic computer collector.

If you are willing to discuss this, please contact me. Even if you are OK with having your material represented in the archive in it's current form, I would appreciate hearing from you confirming this.

Thanks in advance for your understanding.

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