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Epsons first personal computer, the QX-10 is an complete "turnkey" system which shipped with Valdocs, a comprehensive (but slow) office package. It can also run CP/M and TP/M which is an enhanced version of CP/M that handles more memory (via bank switching), and integrated graphics. Here is a look inside.

The Epson QX-10 was donated by Ian Cottrell.

The back of the QX-10.
Left to right: Power, Light pen, Monitor, Option switches, Printer port, Serial port, expansion slots.

The Epson HX-20 is considered by many to be the first laptop/notebook style computer. This little machine features a 4x20 LCD display, a printer and a microcassette drive. It includes a machine language monitor, and Microsoft BASIC in ROM. Additional ROMs can be installed for other applications.

Views: Back, Sides, Bottom, Inside.

Complete HX-20 setup - Clockwise from upper left:
RS-232 cable, HX-20 carry case, Acoustic modem (with power adapter), HX-20 user manuals, power adapter. Center: HX-20 with spare printer rolls and microcassette.

The Epson PX-8 is one of the first true portable laptop computers. It utilizes a low power 8 line by 80 character LCD screen, and can run from batteries. It has a Z80 processor, and runs the CP/M operating system. Software is distributed on removable ROM carriers, and user data can be saved to an internal micro-cassette tape drive. An internal RAMdisk provides temporary file storage.

Here it is with the screen lowered, and the keyboard cover in place. For it's time, this is a very small and compact unit.

Epson PX-8s were donated by Jim Fare and Richard Parsons.

Complete PX-8 setup - Clockwise from upper left:
Power Adapter, Operations and CP/M manuals, Carry case, Wordstar Reference and Training manuals, Introductory guide, ROM sofware in carry case, Calc&Scheduler manual, Keyboard cover (with microcassette on top).
Center: Epson PX-8.

Bottom view of the Epson PX-8. The doors provide access to ROM Modules, which are used to add "instant" software to the PX-8.

Rear view: Left-to-Right: Audio connectors, Expansion port, RS-232 serial ports, power connector.
Side views: Top: Left side showing reset buffer, Bottom: Right-side showing contrast and power controls.
Inside view.

QX-10 Operations Manual (550k PDF)
HX-20 Advertisement (20k JPG)
HX-20 Quick Reference (12.5M PDF)
HX-20 Operations Manual (750k PDF)
HX-20 Memory Map (1.7M PDF)
HX-20 1983 BYTE review (400k PDF)
PX-8 Technical Manual (11.4M PDF)
CP/M version 2.2 Manual (0.5M PDF)
Z80 CPU Technical Manual (5M PDF)
Z80-CP/M emulator
Z80-CP/M simulator - boots CP/M

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