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Some of the matarial in this archive contains third party documents and software. Where possible, I have contacted the original owner of these materials and obtained permission to redistribute them, however many of the companies are no longer in existance, or have not responded to my requests.

As a general guideline, I have not included anything which I believe has current commercial value. I will of course honor requests from the current owners of this material should they wish it removed.

Please don't use any of this material for any purpose other than personal hobby/interest without checking with the owner of the material.

The collection and this site is a personal interest of mine, and is completely non-commercial/non-profit (in fact it's quite the opposite on both counts).


In scanning documents, my focus is on preserving the information, and on making it accessable, NOT of preserving detailed photo-quality images of each page. For this reason, documents are generally scanned in single level (Black and White) at the lowest resolution at which they are still legible. The idea is that for many people, a 2 megabyte file can be downloaded and manipulated where a 20 megabyte file might not.

Documents are scanned in such a manner as to make them easy to print. In particular, some books which originally had 5.5" x 4.25" pages are scanned sideways at 8.5" x 11" (2 pages per printed page).


Many of the photographs on this site were taken with a Olympus C-720 digital camera. This camera has proven to be a "challenge" in that does a poor job of color balance, and had trouble auto-focusing when used in closeup work (it has no manual focus ability). It has since been replaced with a Minolta Dimage 7Hi which works MUCH better ... as time permits, I am updating the photos, however in the meantime please accept my apologies for the quality of some of the pictures on this site (what you see represents the best I could get, sometimes after taking more than 20-30 shots).

The large versions of the photographs are at fairly high resolution and will appear larger than most photos you see on the net (you will probably have to use scroll bars to view the entire picture). This is intentional, to allow you to see detail. Some of these did not scale well into the small photos and may appear distorted. Click on the small photo to see the large undistorted view.

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