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The Displayphone was an early (1982) attempt to combine the voice and data networks. It combined a telephone with a small computer terminal with integrated 300 bps modem. It also features a few basic personal productivity applications.

I have four Displayphones in my collection, two are standard display phones, one is a "Displayphone Plus", and one is a "Displayphone 1000".

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Here are two "standard" display phones, showing the closed and open positions of the keyboard.

Although it never really caught on as a business telephone, it did catch the eye of several producers of science fiction movies. The displayphone can often be seen in older sci-fi flicks as representing a futuristic communications device. It is often portrayed as a live video phone, a function which it never performed.

Left side view.

Right side view.

Rear panel view. Left to right:
Serial (TTY) port, Printer port, Power connection, Alert Volume, KeyClick volume, Line1 connection, Line2 connection.

On the left is a "Displayphone Plus", basically the same phone with slighty improved firmware. On the right is a "Displayphone 1000", with a larger monitor and a larger detatchable keyboard. The 1000 also provides more features in it's software.

Rear view of displayphone 1000. Left to right:
Video output, External keyboard, Serial (TTY) port, Printer port, Power connection, Line1 connection, Line2 connection.

The Display Phones were powered via an external power supply. On the left is the standard/plus supply, and on the right is the Displayphone 1000 supply.

Displayphones mentioned in 1983 Byte Magazine (140k JPG)
Displayphone User Guide (2M PDF).

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