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As you can see, it was a portable, and definately home built! This system is unique in that all aspects of the higher level system (hardware and software) are entirely home grown.

Cpu: Motorola 6809E at 1.84 Mhz
Ram: 52k (+2k video buffer)
Rom: 8k
Video: 80x25 text
Disks: 2x 40 track DS/DD (360k)
Serial I/O: 2x6551 + 1x6850 uarts

For travel, the keyboard folded up to cover the monitor.

Front view. The large button under the disk drives is RESET. The 5-pin DIN jack connected to the 6840 timer inputs, and accomodated a circuit I made to measure tones and tune my guitar.

Here it is from the back. Note the two serial ports.

Removing the top, we see from left to right: Analog video board, CRT, Main power supply and diskette drives. Just visible under the drives is the main logic board.

Removing the back, we can get a better look at the main logic board in position.

Here is a closeup of the video compartment.

And the main logic board in its installed position.

Here the main logic board has been removed.

The main logic board (front view).

Not quite so clean from the back - there are more wires here than appears at casual glance because the data bus is wired in blue, which is hard to see against the board.

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