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In the mid 80's I designed a little 6809 based computer system, including the hardware and all software. The operating system is called CUBIX, and may be of interest to anyone who wants to build up small homebrew computer. Here is some information to consider:

Although it would be considered a "toy system" by modern 32/64 bit standards, a CUBIX system gives you a pretty powerful computer with minimal hardware, and can be a very rewarding small project (as a number of people have told me over the years). It also gives you a very unique system that you won't experience anywhere else.

I invite/encourage anyone who wants to experiencing building a small/useful computer "from the ground up" to check out the CUBIX system - Most of the material mentioned above can be found on my web site (See URL in sig) - go to the the "Dunfield 6809" computer under "Homebuilts".

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