Daves Old Computers - Condition Description

Excellent - Indicates a machine which is in exceptionally good condition. While it may not be "perfect" it is indicative of a machine which has been very well maintained and cared for. If there are cosmetic defects, they are very minor.

Good - These machines show a bit more wear and tear but are still complete and cosmetic damage is minor. They may have a few scratches and dings, minor discoloration of plastic or paint, minor modifications etc.

Fair - These machines have more pronounced cosmetic damage, but nothing which affects it use. Deeper scratches, missing bits of paint, more severe discoloration or major modifications are all symptoms of a "Fair" machine.

Poor - A "Poor" machine has severe cosmetic damage, non-essential parts may be missing or broken. Severe scratches, missing paint, heavy discoloration, poorly done repairs are common.

Incomplete - Identifies a machine for which an essential component is missing. Most likely non-operational and waiting in my "to be repaired" queue.

Box - Indicates that I have the original shipping box in which the machine was delivered from the manufacturer.

Documentation - Indicates that I have the original Documentation, Manuals and in most cases the software which was delivered with the machine when it was originally purchased.

Please note that I do NOT list each machine separately, and in the cases where I have multiple units, the condition classification refers to the "Showpiece", which is the best condition unit in my collection. Although I endevor to restore all machines to the best condition possible, an 'E' next to a listing of three machines does not necessarily mean that I have three units in Excellent condition.

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