Daves Old Computers - ALTOS 586

The Altos 586 is an 8086 (not 8088) based machine, and was one of the first to run Xenix, Microsofts adaptation of Unix. A true multi-user system, the Altos offered a lot of capability for a single small cabinet.

Donated by Richard Parsons and Bernie Clarke.

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The Altos 586. This single compact cabinet houses a complete multi-user system. This particular unit has 840k or RAM, a 20Meg hard drive..

Rear panel of Altos 586. Note the 10 seral ports for user terminals, and the network connections. The Altos came fully equipped for networking.

Inside the Altos 586. With the top cover removed we can see the hard and floppy drives, and the power supply. Remove two screws from the rear panel, and the unit opens up with a unique clamshell design to reveal the main control board (with a memory expansion card installed). Under the top half, are two more optional I/O boards.

Left: Two more Altos 586s, slightly newer, with a modified bezel to accomodate 1/2 height floppy drives. The lower unit is an OEM version sold by CDC as the "Control Data 114". On the right are Expansion cabinets, top is a tape drive unit, bottom is a CDC branded hard drive expansion cabinet.
Here is a view from the back.

Some of the Altos documentation and install disks. At the right are the CDC manuals and disks.

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