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The Apple2 computer is considered by many to be the first truly successful home computer, and was also the first widely cloned machine. Almost all of them were illegal in that they copied the Apple2 design exactly, including the ROM software (usually it was patched it to show a different name at power-up). Here are a few examples of Apple2 clones:

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The Vtech Laser 128 was an Apple2c clone sold by Sears in Canada. Vtech was only company that Apple was unable to take legal action against. The Laser ROM was sufficiently different from the Apple code that it could not be proven to be a direct copy.
Here are the original manuals.
Donated by "der Mouse".

The Brazillian company Unitron made many Apple2 clones. Their government had restrictive policies on importing of foriegn computers, and cloning was highly encouraged. This appears to be a very generic and Standard Apple2 clone.
Views: Back with cover open, Base with top removed, Closeup of board.
Donated by Chris Withowski.

The Korean "Ci Base-48" is another generic Apple2 clone. This one has an exact copy of the Apple2 ROM - it even displays "APPLE ][" when it starts up.
Views: Back with cover open, Base with top removed.

Here is a generic Apple2e clone - you can see the updated Apple2e keyboard layout, and the logic board is laid out very similar to the Apple2e. The 2e used proprietery chips, and was much harder to clone than the Apple2, and this machine lies somewhere between the two designs. The ROM's say "APPLE ][" at power-up.
I have no information about this clone - most of the ICs have a 1984 date code. If you recognize this unit, please contact me.
Views: Back with cover open, Base with top removed.

6502 CPU Data Sheet (2M PDF)
DOS Apple2 simulator
Windows Apple2 simulator
Apple2 oasis simulator

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