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During the 80's Radio Shack sold several "Pocket Computers" which were essentially calculators that could be programmed in BASIC. Here are some samples of these tiny machines.

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This is an original Radio Shack TRS-80 Pocket Computer from 1980, which was the first year it became available. It had no model number because at the time it was the only one in the lineup. Later, after newer models were added it came to be called the "PC-1"

The machine was actually a Radio Shack branded version of the Sharp PC-1211, which features:

TRS-80 PC-1s were donated by Steve Harrington, Markus Wandel and Willem Boom.

Two TRS-80 Pocket Computers, complete with leather cases, reference cards, Manual, Cassette interface and original boxes.

It was one of the smallest computers available at the time.

Front view of TRS-80 PC-1.

Back view of TRS-80 PC-1.

As you can see, it runs on four button cell "watch" batteries. It is also interesting to note that the instructions printed on the inside cover refer to the unit as a calculator (the manuals states that the unit "is a computer NOT a calculator).

In 1982, Radio Shack produced the TRS-80 Pocket Computer PC-2. This machine was faster, featured a more powerful BASIC language, and had more expansion options than the original PC-1. Unfortunately it was also significantly larger in size. One benefit of the size is that this machine can take standard AA batteries instead of the "button" cells required by the PC-1.

The PC-2 was a slightly modified, Radio Shack branded Sharp PC-1500. It features a Sharp LH5801 processor with 3.5k of internal RAM (16k could be added as a module), 66 key keyboard and 1x26 LCD display (graphic capable).

The TRS-80 PC-2 was donated by Markus Wandel.

The TRS-80 Pocket Computer PC-2 with carrying case and Printer/Cassette docking station.

Front view of TRS-80 PC-2.

Back view of TRS-80 PC-2.

TRS-80 Pocket Computer PC-1 Documentation

PC-1 Owners Manual (4.5M PDF)
PC-1 Reference Card (130k PDF)
PC-1 Service Manual (3.6M PDF)
PC-1 Printer/Cassette interface manual (0.5M PDF)
PC-1 page from 1983 catalog (180k JPG)
1982 PC-1 Advertisement with Isaac Asimov (130k JPG)

TRS-80 Pocket Computer PC-2 Documentation

PC-2 Owners Manual (4.5M PDF)
PC-2 Service Manual (13M PDF)
PC-2 Printer/Cassette interface manual (4M PDF)
PC-2 Assenbly Language Manual (9M PDF)
PC-1500 Technical Reference Manual (34M PDF)
PC-2 page from 1983 catalog (175k JPG)

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