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The Microsystems International Limited MOD-8 is a very early microcomputer based on the 8008 CPU, the predecessor to the famed Intel 8080. This machine was primarily intended to be used as a low cost lab/prototyping tool, however it also gained popularity with early computer hobbiests.

The machine I have is a complete MOD-8 chassis, with an unpopulated ROM and RAM card. I am still looking for parts and cards for this system. If you can help, please contact me.

The MIL MOD8 was donated by the York University Computer Muesum.

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The (nearly) complete MOD-8 system. The backplane incorporates a power supply, and circuitry for a 1702 EPROM programmer, as well as nine slots for expansion cards.

Additional views: left-front, right-rear.

Closeup of MOD-8 main chassis board.

MOD-8 cards.

Left: ROM card - holds 8 1702 EPROMs for a total of 2K ROM
Right: RAM card - holds 16 2102 static RAMs for a total of 2K RAM

View: Rear side

Early applications manual (6.6M PDF)
Later applications manual (2.3M PDF)
Great Northern Computers GNC-8 manual (6.1M PDF)

Intel 8008 Users Manual/Datasheet (6M PDF)
My own MOD8 Simulator (115k ZIP)
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