Daves Old Computers - Dunfield 6809 Workstation

Some time after building my 6809 portable, I wanted a "lab machine" which would run the same software, but have slots so that I could add cards with custom interfaces and test circuitry.

I was designing a 6809 based data PBX system for a company at the time, so I scrounged up a spare backplane, CPU and I/O cards, and built them into a homemade wooden chassis. I designed a diskette controller, and voila - instant bus oriented 6809 system.

After porting my CUBIX software to it, I demonstrated it to my client, who decided to make additional disk controllers, allowing them to use the PBX chassis as an inhouse test system as well. I kept the original prototype, but sometime along the way I did upgrade the wire-wrap disk controller to a production one.

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The Dunfield 6809 workstation.

A look at the back. Here you can see the production backplane and cards.

The cards from the 6809 workstation. Clockwise from top left: Backplane, Disk, Serial I/O and CPU.
I still have a complete set of the original wire-wrap cards which I will dig out and add to this document "someday".

Dunfield 6809 Documentation.

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